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Friends of the Factories

Linking arms with the Shirt Factory workers, The Factory Girls, and women of the past, walking their stories and legacy into the present.

Friends of the Factories (FOTF) -  Honouring the people, the places and the buildings associated with the Shirt Factory Industries of the City of Derry/Londonderry and beyond.

Honoured to have been awarded the - Women's History Network Community History Prize Winners 2021


FOTF Group

A wee bit about us...

Friends of the Factories (FOTF) – is a group made up of Ex-Shirt Factory workers, Ex-Factory Workers & descendants of Factory Workers, from The City of Derry/ Londonderry, and beyond.

Our group aims are to celebrate, honour and keep the legacy of the shirt factory industries and the women's history associated with it acknowledged for generations to come. 

We aim to share and support initiatives & the the telling of stories from The Factory Workers, and their unique experiences in keeping the City alive during difficult times...

'they kept the lights on and food on the tables' (G.Moore 2021)

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Factory Friends

As groups and as individuals we have been and continue to be,  supportive of any initiatives that aim to recognise the contribution of The Factory Workers of the City.

Our group unites the voices of many, including The Factory Girls, represented by Clare Moore who has been tirelessly campaigning, since 2004, for the recognition of the Factory Workers in the City via a publicly funded initiative - which is still yet to be completed. 

FOTF came together to recognise the factory workers to ensure they are remembered now, before as many felt, it was too late.

We are beyond proud to have delivered on this lasting legacy in the City.

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Campaigners from across the years supporting the recognition of The Factory Workers and Factory Girls from the City & beyond.


(L-R FR) Clare Moore, Mary White, Mary Doherty , supporting the former Mayor and Staff from The Tower Museum at the opening of the Shirt Factory Exhibition June 2021.

The Striking Factory Girls

The women factory workers have a history of becoming involved in political as well as work place struggles.


Selection of Factory photos - 

Thanks to The Tower Museum for permission to share. 

City Factory Workers
Factory Girls
Shirt Factory
Shirt Factories
Factory Boy
Shirt Factory Workers