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Friends of the Factories 

FOTF Unveil 8 plaques, on 7 iconic buildings across the City - 29th April - 1st May 2021.

Update: 9th plaque unveiled 23rd April 2022

Award Winning Campaign -  Winners of the Women's History Network Community History Prize 2021

FOTF, supported by the Derry Trades Union Council, worked tirelessly and collaboratively during what was the most challenging of years for everyone, on an initiative that came to completion during Worker's Rights and Social Justice Week 2021.

From 29th April - 1st May, FOTF, DTUC and Friends and representatives from as many groups that Covid restrictions would allow, came together and unveiled and dedicated 8 plaques across 7 iconic buildings, honouring the women, the workers and their contribution to the City.

It was a momentous achievement for all involved, achieved during a time when there was little hope in the most difficult of circumstances as the world faced the challenges of Covid-19.

This initiative celebrates, not just those which the plaques represent, but the will of the people and the power of community in working together,  as a united voice to get things done.

We are forever grateful for the unwavering support & belief from the Derry Trades Union Council, without whom this would not have happened.

We thank our Friends who gave their time & guidance for our plaque initiative, just to name a few, Dr Keith Munro; Derry Trades Union Council; Fashion and Textile Design Center; St. Columb's Hall; The Tower Museum; Derrie Danders; Mc Crossan Tours (City Walking Tours); Piece Makers; Amelia Earhart Derry; The Waterside Theatre; CM Property; The Martin Group.

We invite you to link arms, walk around the City, and look up at these plaques,  remembering those women and workers that came before us, on whose shoulders we now stand. 

FOTF Plaques Initiative: Text
FOTF Plaques Initiative: Gallery
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