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All the 'bars' from the Factory Floor.

Please find a selection of links to articles, music &  pictures related to the Shirt Factory Industry &
historical women associated with the City.

Shirt Tales - 2017

A great place to start learning about The Shirt Factories by Freya Clements.

Roy & the girls writing_edited_edited.jpg

Songs & Music sharing the story of The Factory Girls & Workers.

'My Granny was a Factory Girl' - By Sadie Norris & Roy Arbuckle August 2020

This song was written during the Covid lockdown of 2020 as an ode to The Norris Sister's Granny - who was a Factory Girl & inspired the plaque intitative. Further Info.

'Factory Girls' - ELMA ORKESTRA November 2018.

Elma Orkestra was commissioned by Ulster Architectural Heritage to write a piece. They chose to write about the shirt factories in Derry... specifically the girls who worked in them. 'Factory Girls' features the voice of Maggie McIntyre (1904-1982)'

'The Town I loved so Well' - Phil Coulter

'In the early morning, the shirt factory horn, Called women from Creggan, the moor and the bog, While their men on the dole played a mother's role..'

Factory Girl Memories - Alam Colgan.png

Just one of the many memories & photos from the Factory floor.

Further memories and pictures are shared on the Facebook Group.

Trade Unions Support The Factory Girls

Trade Unions have always backed the Factory Girls

From the past to the present DTUC has supported the ongoing recognition of the contribution of The Factory Workers from the City & beyond.

Dr Munro.jpg

Leading academic and former Forensic Medical Officer, Dr Keith Munro, looks back at the life of activist Margaret Cousins who attended Victoria Girls School in Derry - now Foyle College - and later joined prominent feminists such as Emmeline Pankhurst in fighting for female emancipation.

A great nephew of Margaret Cousins, Dr Munro offers a personal and insightful narrative of her life and her leading role in establishing the Irish Women’s Franchise League.


Margaret Cousins was instrumental & accompanied Emmeline Pankhurst on her visit to the City, speaking at St.Columb's Hall.

Factory Girls Mural - Craft Village

From Factory Girls to Derry Girls -

Anna McAree October 2020

The past, present, and future for the feminist narrative of life in Derry.

The Tillie and Hendersons shirt factory designed by famous Derry architect, John Guy Fergu

Honouring The Original Derry Girls

Naomi Petropoulos

Naomi Petropoulos's (PhD candidate at Queen's University Belfast specialising in the history of Derry) blog 'Honouring the Original Derry Girls – the Resurgence of the Commemoration and Celebration of Shirt Making in Derry, Northern Ireland' is now online on the


website. Read it here: Naomi's Blog

whn presentation.png

WHN Seminar - In conversation with FOTF. Hosted by Helen Antrobus.

Thanks to WHN & representatives from FOTF, Julie Piggott, Dr Keith Munro, Clare Moore & Yvonne Norris.

FOTF Plaque.png

“We are honoured to be part of a project, created by the Factory Workers, for the Factory Workers, keeping herstory well and truly alive.”


The Star Factory - further reading

The Star Factory original footage

The Star Factory built in 1899, has become one of these repurposed sites. After becoming derelict due to the decline of the shirt factory industry, the Star Factory was at risk of demolition.


 FOTF are honoured to have been nominated as finalists in the #DJPeopleAwards - Community Champion Award - Group

Talkign Derry girls.png

Talking Derry Girls Podcast - Shirt Tales Part 1

Ep62 - Shirt Tales part 1 - is now live! One of the big cultural stories of Derry was the presence of the shirt factories. At the height of the industry there were more than 40 employing 1000s of women. The factory horn set the start and end of the working day and was heard right across the city. To stop Pauline being an individual on her own this week she's joined by Derry Girls - Naomi Petropoulos who's doing her Phd on the shirt factories and Yvonne Norris campaigner & co-founder of Friends of the Factories.



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